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Who is AECYC

The Association for the Education and Care of Young Children (AECYC)

The purpose and aim of the Association is to promote appropriate education and care of all children from birth to 9 years.

The mission of the AECYC is to:


AECYC management team

Marthie Stoltz Marthie has 47 year experience in pre-school education. She is the owner of a nursery school which is used by Universities to demonstrate good practice in pre-school education to their students. She is a passionate presenter and chosen as chairperson for the AECYC.
Charmaine van der Merwe Charmaine van der Merwe worked for the Gauteng Department of Education for 38 years as public nursery school Grade R educator, principal and facilitator for Grade R in district Tshwane South. Charmain is in involved at the AECYC with training regarding curriculum for Grade R practitioners.
Roeleen Lemmer Roeleen is involved with pre-primary centres for more than 22 years. Sy is the principal of a macro nursery school where over 400 children are educated by 781 personnel. Roeleen is treasurer of the AECYC.
Lize Bredell Lize is the Association’s secretary and operational manager since January 2013. Lize is a mother of three young children and has extensive knowledge in marketing and consumer science.
Wietske Boon Wietske studied pre-and postgraduate Psychology at the University of Pretoria. She specialised in play therapy at Unisa. She is a mother and Registered Counsellor with specialisation in play therapy in private practice. Wietske is involved with the AECYC in terms of marketing and training.
Mariëtte van Eeden Mariette started her career in education in 1989. She started with her Honours degree in 1992 and developed and evaluated computer based programs for pre-school children. She is the owner and principal at a nursery school in Delmas since 2002. Mariëtte is a training facilitator for the AECYC.
Charmaine Jooste Charmaine Jooste is the mother of 3 University students. She is co -owner of Kiddies Academy schools 4 which are in the Pretoria East area. Currently 800 babies and toddlers attend KA schools. She studied post grad at Tuks and completed her honours in 1990. She has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and specialised in Separation Anxiety in Children. 2016 Saw the opening of her Primary School in collaboration with Willows Methodist Church, Kingdom Preparatory School.
Mariza Joubert Mariza is the proud mother of 2 young adult children. She is HOD of the Pre-primary department at New Hope School (LSEN) where she is hostel mother, afterschool organiser and part of the school governing body. She has a passion for additional and alternative communication in the classroom and the discovery of new study methods to make learning material accessible for every learner.
Hanneke Claasen Hanneke’s education career started in 1983. She studied library studies and continued with her Honours degree in Education. She was a lecturer at UNISA and the former SACTE. She is currently head of Pennies Nursery School in Pretoria CBD.
Sophie Tshivhengwa Sophie Tshivhengwa, a wife and a mother of three, a God-fearing woman and a business woman. She hold multiple academic qualifications. Her love of education steered her into creating the brand Anointed Trinity. Sophie is a sole founder of Anointed Trinity. 
Ida Bester Ida Bester is a registered nurse and midwife, Child Birth Educator, Director of Boeps2babes and Babes2butterflies baby clinics, with 34 years’ experience in her field. She frequently publishes articles in medical magazines. Ida is involved with the AECYC’s training and marketing.
The AECYC’s legacy is in the hands of the members who are willing to render their time and services to promote the Association which is, due to their efforts, a leader in the field of early childhood development.


 AECYC constitution

The constitution of:

The Association for the Education and Care of Young Children

Established 1942

Article 1: Name

Article 2: Goal

The goal and the mission of the Association are:

Article 3: Language policy

The presentation and correspondence of the Association takes place in English and Afrikaans.

Article 4: Membership

Article 5: Management

Article 6: Power and responsibilities of management

The power and responsibilities of management will be as agreed upon at the general meeting/seminar. This includes some of the following:

Article 7: Terms

Article 8: Meetings

Article 9: General meeting/seminar

Article 10: Finances


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