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Movement...why is it important for children?
Monique Harris

Children in today’s day and age spend most of their time in a sitting position.  Children need more exercise and movements that are more intense than adults.  This is necessary for the good development of the body’s big muscles as well as other skills like balance, using both sides of the body together in activities, crossing the midline and coordinating movement.  Children learn through movement – they learn more about the spatial world around them and to keep their bodies upright against gravity.

Observe your child for the following which could be an indication that the muscles need further strengthening/ or development or that your child needs help form an Occupational Therapist:

It is essential that gross motor skills and the body are well developed (with the focus on tummy, back and shoulder muscles) as it forms the foundation with sensory development for fine motor skills and visual perception.

The following exercises can be done at home or in the classroom:


Monique Harris,Occupational Therapist, moniqueharris77@yahoo.com,  0743598192


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