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Become More Clever with Creative Mathematics
Nicolene du Preez

Did you know that mathematics form part of problem solving? Did you also know that problem solving have a direct relation to creativity? Creativity is the process to identify a problem and then to solve it. Creative thinking is not only important for the young child but also for the adult. There are a reason why most school readiness and intelligence tests the concept of missing pieces, comprehension, pattern completion, similarities, number problems and block patterns.  This testing of concepts helps to determine how the learner’s cognitive development took place.  

Think of how a house is built, for this article I will be referring to a mathematics house.  The above concepts are part of the foundation of the mathematics house. The more time you spend on the mathematics house, the faster building it will be.  Just remember that if a house is not build to be strong, problems will occur later on. As understanding of the concepts is established, teachers and therapists will be able to know how much is understood. This can be established through different methods like school readiness and intelligence tests as described before.  This will then indicate how strong the foundation is and how this building process have developed.   

Parents can help their children to think more mathematically through more creative thinking in their daily lives. Here are a couple of examples how this can be done:






Nicolene du Preez

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