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When your child goes to hospital
Wietske Boon

Going to hospital can be a very traumatic experience for any child. Except for being sick or in pain, the hospital is an unfamiliar place which can be frightening and where the child might feel lonely.  Children often feel they have little control over their bodies and the situation and may experience a lack of privacy.

Children’s fears and worries might include the following:

Preparing a child for hospitalisation might reduce the trauma. Here are a few tips:

It is normal for children to experience behavioural changes during or after hospitalisation. These might include separation anxiety, nightmares and sleeping- or eating problems.  If the child’s behaviour persists, rather seek professional help to help the child deal with the trauma.

Wietske Boon Play Therapist,  www.childtherapist.co.za; wietske@childtherapist.co.za

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