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Stimulate your child at home
Karyna le Roux

Our active lifestyles keeps us busy and often we feel that we do not spend enough time with our children: we drop them off at school and in the evenings we might have to help older children with homework, we have to prepare dinner and a number of other things that needs to be done.

Here are a some practical ideas that will ensure that your young child gets the necessary stimulation:


Spacial orientation


Different positions

Memory games

Name a number of body parts in order, e.g. neck, shoulders, calves, stomach. Then touch the child’s body parts in the same order. First start with only two body parts and gradually increase the number that he has to remember. You will soon realize when it gets too difficult for the child. Let the child repeat the series aloud while he touches the body parts.

Muscle strength

Fine motor activities

Running games

Throw and catch

Hoping that you will enjoy these playful learning opportunities.


Karyna le Roux, Kinderkinetics, www.karynakinetika.com, 076 733 9349, karynakinetika@gmail.com

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