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Fussy Eaters
Sr Ida Bester

From one to three years, your child will make the big transition from infancy to childhood. During this phase it is very important to create a foundation of solid nutrition for healthy later years.

The biggest problem now is that they will be choosy about what and how much they eat. The way they think, act and eat can lead to frustration in parents.

Good news moms! A healthy child has never died of hunger!

Your child is still in a phase of rapid development and the time between one and three years covers a major learning stage in which his brain almost doubles in size. Physiological and nutritional needs are fairly specific and it is essential that small children eat a good variety of healthy foods to satisfy their highly specialised needs. Although toddlers grow at a slower rate than babies, they still need enough energy and nutrients from food to fuel this active play and growth phase. A car cannot operate on water – it needs petrol!

Common reasons why toddlers refuse to eat

Remember, we all have appetite fluctuations from day to day or even from meal to meal. Never be tempted to force-feed because this can result in a lifelong aversion to certain foods.

Toddler years are the ideal time to help children to form a positive attitude towards food and to develop sound eating habits. It is well documented that early teaching of healthy eating habits reduces the risk of obesity and heart disease as well as metabolic syndrome in later years.

Tips on feeding:

Sr Ida Bester, www.babywhisperers.co.za


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