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Tender Touch

Baby massage is not just something someone thought up one day: it is an art of touch which has had centuries to develop and grow. Moms all over the world have instinctively used the art of touch therapy (hugging and cuddling) to nurture their children. It has been noted that the babies and children in poor, remote areas would flourish more because the mothers used all they had to give, namely time and love.

Touch is well documented to be one of the basic needs of humans. Like eating and breathing, it is not the luxury one might mistakenly think it to be. No toy, educational or not, can replace what is most natural – mother’s love, touch and caring.

The benefits of this nurturing touch for baby and child:

The benefits for parents:

A happy contented child equals happy contented parents and vice versa.

Time spent intimately with a child is an investment in the family’s future together.


Elke from Revive Massage in Motion Baby Massage

Article first published in Learning Years Vol 33/nr 1 – August 2008 

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