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How to overcome creative blocks – and help others to be creative. Part 3
Eleen Polson

Part 3:  How to overcome creative blocks – and help others to be creative

Creativity is an innate natural human ability. Creativity manifests itself in every aspect of our lives. Typical we are overly developed in our analytical, logical functioning. The challenge is for us to access the “right” side of our intuitive, holistic, creative functioning.  To be truly creative, we don’t require to know what the outcome will  be, but rather to appreciate and embrace the process and to allow all possibilities to emerge. 

The blocks to creativity are;  

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which to keep” ~ Scott Adams, American Cartoonist. 

How to encourage creativity:

Experience has taught me to create from my 'right' brain, without planning, intuitively trusting the process every step of the way without knowing where it will end. This process in creativity, creates the most inspiring and self-fulfilling journey. This can also be called creating from point Zero where there are no expectations, no man-made rules, conditioning or guidelines.  It is a blank canvas where anything is possible; whatever feels right in the moment.

Become aware of how it feels to create (a song, a dance, a picture, a meal) and value the positive impact  of doing it with mindfulness and enjoyment.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes, to experiment, to experience, to try out new things, to silence the critical voice: Trust the process and be prepared to be surprised.

Playing together towards integrated wellbeing and mental health.


Eleen Polson, Expressive Arts Therapist, www.creativelearning4life.com, 0722121719.

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