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Bully policies
Magdelize Janse van Vuuren

Can the AECYC office please assist with a policy on bullying?  We have to address the issue with the parents of the bully as soon as possible since other parents are threatening to move their children to a different school if it is not handled.

We asked Magdelize Janse van Vuuren from Play Learn Win to guide us with an answer on this issue.

Unfortunately there is no "short" answer to this problem.  As you know we need to look at the child's social and emotional development to get to the core of this problem.  From the school’s point of view you can implement the following:

1.  A complete discipline policy where you list acceptable and unacceptable behavior, actions taken for different behavior etc.  Most importantly, all parents must sign this policy when they enroll their child at your school.  This policy must also be displayed at the school, and the children must be reminded of the rules daily.

2.  An "ABC" plan must be implemented, where you look at the specific event, what led up to such behavior and also the actions taken by the staff and other children.  This will then help you to identify certain trends in the child's behavior.  

3.  After you identified the behavior you can then work on an individual behavior plan for the child, to be implemented by the school and the parents.

4.  Remember to distinguish between difficult behavior, where the school and the parents along with therapists can work on correcting difficult behavior and challenging behavior where the child's behavior has a negative impact on the child's learning and development, and other children or staff in the school.  Challenging behavior needs immediate professional help.  

Magdelize Janse van Vuuren: info@playlearnwin.co.za

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